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Buyers Registration Form


This agreement between the undersigned & Union Business Brokers Corp./New York Laundromat Exchange® hereinafter NYLE®”).
The undersigned, in consideration of NYLE® furnishing me with special & confidential information pertaining to the particular, locations, prices & other detailed information of each business, property, store & or real estate listed below, which information I have specifically requested & received from NYLE® & in further consideration of the NYLE® agreeing to render any additional services that may be necessary to effectuate the purchase of the business, property or store listed below, in whole or any interest therein, either by me or my agent, assignee or dummy or new entity agree:

1) That I hereby grant to NYLE® for a period of (3) years from the date hereof, the sole & exclusive right to negotiate & obtain for me any of the businesses, properties or stores LISTED BELOW ONLY, which I might desire to merge &/or purchase whole or part. I will not accept the services of or deal with any other entity relative to the businesses and/or real estate LISTED BELOW ONLY.
2) That the information, details & particulars set forth below & received by me were unknown to me, prior to this date & I will not accept the services of any other broker or intermediary with respect to any of the places of business mentioned below.
3) With respect to the business, property or stores listed below, I will NOT enter into any negotiations for the merger &/or purchase in whole or part except by negotiating through NYLE®.I will not commence, conclude or close any transaction, sale or merger, give a deposit or take title or possessions of the premises listed, directly or indirectly, accept employment there, purchase inventory ,equipment or fixtures, unless NYLE® has received payment of commission or unless I have received authorization in writing from the NYLE® to do so. I agree that if I do not comply fully with this clause that I will pay the NYLE® 10% of the total price upon closing ($10,000.minimum).
4) That the information given to me is confidential & that I will not furnish or disclose to any other person or entity other than partners, lenders or professional advisors, any of the information that I receive with respect to said businesses, property or stores.
5) If the NYLE® is required to engage an attorney in order to enforce this agreement, the undersigned agrees to pay the NYLE® reasonable attorney’s fees, cost disbursements & expenses.
6) The parties agree that in the event any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this agreement, or breach thereof, shall be settled by binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association or the National Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration rules & judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Expenses of arbitration shall be borne by the parties in such proportions as the arbitrator(s) shall decide. The arbitrator’s sole authority shall be to interpret &/or apply the provisions of this agreement the arbitrator(s) shall have no authority to change/modify any provision in this agreement.
7) The statements, facts & figures contained herein were obtained from the seller & sources deemed reliable, however, no guarantee or warrantee is made as to their accuracy. I will not hold the NYLE® responsible for any misrepresentations made.
8) I have read the foregoing agreement & I know the contents thereof & I have received a copy of the same. This is the entire agreement between parties. All additional listings (not initially entered on this sheet but given personally or by telephone, mail, email, fax or in person) are also subject to the above conditions.
Telephone listings may or may not be recorded to verify information.
9) I am not signing this document under duress or coercion & fully understand it. I have had an opportunity to speak to my attorney or accountant before signing it or have waived my right to do so. I agree that for the addresses of Laundromats supplied below, I will not speak to any employees, principals or customers & all negotiations for said stores will be done through NYLE®

    Accepted Union Business Brokers Corp./NYLE®