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Successful Laundromat locations are not always obvious. There are many components to finding a profitable Laundromat location. Some of these factors are competition, demographics, zoning regulations, lease terms, structural aspects of the site and more. If you do not have a site, we do the work for you. Since 1982 we have been building successful Laundromats. Our knowledge enables us to evaluate and identify suitable laundromat locations. We establish turn-key laundromats to provide you with long-term steady income.

The Time is Now

With online commerce such as Amazon® diminishing retail store occupancy, landlords are having difficulty in filling vacancies and are looking for recession-proof service businesses. 

Landlords are pursuing dependable tenancy. New state of the art Laundromats fit this criteria. Laundromats are a well-known long term steady business. This results in very favorable lease terms and below market rents.

If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t fix it!

Over the past 40 years our company has progressed with the times.

The old saying goes “If it Ain’t broke, Don’t fix it”.  The New York Laundromat Exchange® believes exactly the opposite!  We believe in break-it thinking. If your business does not evolve and change you will be left behind. 

The modernization and automation of laundromats has taken old mom and pop coin laundromats into the 21st century. Current technology enables new Laundromats a simple, secure and semi-absentee ownership.

Social and digital marketing drives customers to your laundromat. We will collaborate with you in creating effective and high performing marketing campaigns. A dynamic digital on-line presence and utilization of social media platforms are fundamental for present day Laundromat operators.


We sell & install Dexter® equipment, the industry leader in Laundromats.
Energy-efficient Dexter® machines are built like tanks, with heavy-duty steel construction – double the weight of other brands.

Dexter® equipment ensures long-lasting durability and generates steady income for your laundromat.  

We select the correct mix of equipment for your specific location and ensure the installation of your equipment maximizes profits.


We assist you in obtaining the most favorable financing terms for new laundromats and have multiple lending sources to ensure this objective.

Success through Efficiency

On-going successful operations of a laundromat requires more than just keeping the premises clean and the equipment in working order. For example, the laundromat operator should evaluate customer trends by determining individual use times of different sized washers and dryers. Such a determination becomes an exceptional tool for guiding the owner in creating special pricing configurations on specific days of the week, or even certain times during a day, to ensure maximum profits and efficiency.

Web camera monitoring and Smart money Card systems simplify revenue collections, and safeguard washer and dryer income. Our Smart Card Systems take cash, credit cards, EBT cards, Apple pay, Android pay and Samsung pay.
Point of sale systems for your attendant allow contemporary business owners to run single or multiple laundromat locations efficiently and remotely.

Wash/Fold drop-off service laundry, dry cleaning drop-off service, soap sales & vending equipment pricing should be suitable for the community the laundromat serves.

We provide ongoing operational skill coaching updates for the lifetime of your laundromat.