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Laundromat Insurance

Question 1:
What is good Laundromat insurance?

There Are 3 Basic Elements To Quality Laundromat Insurance:

  1. You must have the right insurance to cover you in case of a problem in your Laundromat.
  2. You must be insured by a reputable and solid insurance carrier that is rated good, will pay out quickly and is not on the verge of going out of business.
  3. A good price on your policy.

Question 2:
What separates your insurance from others?

All insurance agencies are not the same. Most agencies have 3 main insurance carriers to find you the best policy with the lowest rates. This causes them to be limited in getting low rates with top carriers. Our agency deals with over 25 insurance carriers. The reason  is because we have been in the insurance business 66 years and the major carriers will not start with agencies that have been in business less than 25 years. We can give you the best coverage for the lowest price.
Below are 10 easy questions to receive a free quote for your Laundromat insurance. We will let you know your policy quote within 24 hours regarding your Laundromat insurance.


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